more toys

So I received another package in the mail. When I opened it….…toys came tumbling out.

it seemed like for every toy

that came out of the box there were two more

behind it.

it was like the circus act where a tiny little car

up in the middle of the ring and parks.

the door opens and out comes a clown

and then another

and another

and another

and just when you think there can’t be another clown squeezed into the tiny little car out comes two more.

Thats how this box of toys seemed –every time I thought that I had grabbed the last toy that could possible fit into the box I would reach down and find another.

And my July charity of toys

has come to an end too.

It stretched all the way to

the end of August

and was loads of fun

but it is time to have the

drawing I promised.
That doesn’t mean that you can’t knit toys for PB&J. They take donations year round.  
 Knitch is the LYS where I drop off my toys. I went there last week to drop off this box and much to my delight I saw the window had quite a few toys displayed in them.This is window #1 . And as you turn to the other side there are more toys in window #2There are toys in a tree tooIn fact there are toys all over the store. On the big comfortable chair in the front of the shop. And the baby bassinette by the front counter. And even in the back room. So go and take a look and get some ideas for your own toy making.  Or better yet cast on and make a toy and drop it off for PB&J because these toys go to a very worthy charity.

But I did say a drawing — didn’t I and everyone who donated is eligible for the drawing. So first I would like to thank everyone who donated. I think it is very hard to donate a toy as opposed to a hat or mittens. Don’t get me wrong hats and mittens and scarfs are lovely. And lots of time and care and love goes into them. But a toy…..well toys take on a personality as we knit them. Sometimes they even whisper their names to us as we knit. We lovingly pat their round little bums and hugs their soft squishy tummies as we stuff them. I grow so attatched that it can be hard to pry my fingers off them…..until I remember that some child out there will adopt these little cuddles and sleep with them at night and read stories to them during the day. Or hold them for comfort as they undergo their treatments at the hospital. It makes me happy to know these guys are going to good homes ; )

Oops got distracted again and blathered on and on so I better get to business here and draw a name. So with out further delay the winner of the drawing is Jessica who’s ravatar on ravelry is Knitgineering. Jessica donated Mr Sssssnake and Bun Rabbit

Jessica donated Mr Sssssnake and Bun Rabbit

Aren’t they adorable. I will contact Jessica on ravelery and post a package tomorrow morning.

Thanks to every one that donated a toy for the August charity in the Itty Bitty Knits group

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  1. August 31, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    Oh they’re lovely!

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