COLOR all in caps – it is the hardest thing for me when I am beginning a project. I am paralyzed by all the choices. I love color but I always stick to the same colors when I am picking out something to myself. I seem to be drawn to safe colors blue as in denim blue, browns and grey when making something for myself. Two out of 3 of the sweaters I have made this fall have been brown and the third is grey although it has a pop of green at the collar and cuffs.  I would love to walk into my LYS and confidently pick out colors that will look good together and when finished be something I love to wear. So I decided to do something about it and went to a class at Cream City Yarn to learn more about COLOR.  Amy Hendrix of  Madelinetosh was our teacher. The class opened my eyes about color and choice.

Now after a short 3 hour class I am no expert but I will look at my color choices a little differently. I still might feel a little overwhelmed at all the choices when confronted by a wall filled with beautiful yarn but who doesn’t feel that way when shopping. Now at least I will have Amy’s confident voice whispering in my head urging me to break down the colors into values and hues as I pair  yellow and purple together. And as I try out new combinations I will be able to think about what makes them work and in a worse case scenario why the combination fails. When I look at pictures of patterns I like I can refer back to what I learned to see why it appeals to me.

All said and done I had a great time I even bought some Madelinetosh yarns to play with. I didn’t manage to break out of my safe zone as you can see –but I don’t care the yarn is soft and lovely. The colors are irresistibly rich and saturated. They are colors I love and am happy in- and now I understand why I like these colors which is a good thing!




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