buttoned up

As with any knit its the details in finishing that make or break a project. Its the one detail that many knitters would rather skip. I was one of those people that dreaded the finishing. But knitting toys is changing that for me. I like watching an animal come to life as I sew the seams and stuff the body.

here is a view of the back end. I still have a few ends to sew in on the tail and next up is the hardest part for me……. the faceor more specifically the eyes. The face and the eyes are hard for me. I try to make it easier by keeping the embroidery to a minimum on the fox I switch to a black yarn for the last few rows and that makes a nose. And then I went hunting for eyes in my button jar  yesterday.

Because I am easily distracted that turned into a sorting party. I found some nice bins at Target that stack together with clips on the side. I spent a happy hour sorting my buttons. For a mini animal I love old shirt buttons.

you can buy a jar of buttons from St. Vinnie’s for a couple of dollars. Some of them have a little scrap of fabric on them and others are kept together with a thread. My favorites are the shell buttons made from mullusk shells – shiney  white on one side  but flip them over and you can see the colors of the outer shell. Many of these white buttons are worn and chipped  and look like tiny baby teeth. I love the way these were saved to be used again even though the shirts were too worn out to wear and cut up for rags. The wear and tear on the buttons make me think that these buttons went through a wringer washing machine. The yellowish button with big holes in it might be made of bone.

I separated according to size and the ones above are the large and really large ones. When I was a kid we would raid our mother’s button jar for really big buttons and put them on a loop of string and make wonderful whizzing toys with them.

I put all the metal buttons in there own bin. I thought about using these somehow for the foxes – they would look so nice on a vest for the larger fox or maybe a button on the pocket.

I have been using old worn shirt buttons for the minis and some of the larger ones have leather buttons for the eyes. but I found a pair of old horn buttons for this hat and I love the dark centers with a white streak at the top that look like eyelids.

but here are a few other choices I have considered. This hat is one of the early ones when I was still working out increases – the fox looks a little worried or maybe angry because of how I spaced the decreases but I do like the look of these old leather buttons.

I love these polished wood buttons on this hat. And see the little gingerbread button I found at Ben Franklins – its tucked into the pocket of the mini fox.

So I will spend the morning sewing in ends and adding eyes and finishing this skulk of fox.

Then maybe clean up my very cluttered tiny knitting room and the overflow mess  in the living room unless I decide to cast on yet another toy.



  1. janukke said,

    November 11, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Oh yes, finishing can be challenging at times. I admire your collection of buttons! I like the wood buttons in the last picture a lot as well. =) Those hats are very cute.

    • whatzitknitz said,

      November 12, 2012 at 4:05 pm

      Jana I have learned a lot about finishing from doing your patterns. In particular the beautiful Escher tiling fish
      If anything taught me to love finishing it was this blanket. I loved watching it grow as I stitched each fish to the last. Your directions helped me finish a blanket that looks as lovely on the back side as it does on the front.

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