is there anything quite like waking to a perfect saturday morning?


dusky pinks and pale lavender hovering on the horizon


the water so still and quiet doubles and reflects into a never ending pool of color


coots swimming in send ripples through the image and interrupt the dreamy, misty image


 I want  to share pictures of the morning but what do you call a post of sunrise pictures. in my book they are perfect well not perfect photos just beautiful colors and feelings. mornings like this where the colors are so faded and mist is rising as you look across the lake but in the bay the water is so still that it mirrors the sky and the trees doubling the beauty it is like waking in a fairy tale.

time for a walk and then breakfast. but the perfect morning doesn’t end here. Meva is so happy and content – she had a nice walk and an even better breakfast. her belly full she decides to sing her appreciation of our morning.


listening to her sing always makes me happy. her song starts out low and escalates until she hits her high note and then it quivers and warbles and descends down into a low note that hangs in the back of her throat.

She throws back her head and closes her eyes like a choir boy singing a solo. at the end of her solo she keeps her eyes closed listening to hear if anyone will join in and sing about their morning.


in the distance I here a couple of other dogs sing out a chorus to her solo. she listens too and then sends out another aria. finally I have to remind myself that others may not find Meva’s singing as wonderful as I do and we head inside.


I realize Meva is right – sometimes there are no words to describe what we see and feel and a her song is the only way to describe it.


1 Comment

  1. monsteryarns said,

    April 26, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    What beautiful photos of your morning. And how lucky you are to share it with such a wonderful dog. Thanks for sharing with us!

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