Mini obsessions

So I have completely and utterly daffy  over tiny little foxes and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. I told myself the obsession was over and tried to work on something else but found myself dreaming of foxes again.


I found a potbellied stove at the thrift store which means I have to make a fox den so I have a mini kitchen to put it in. And of course mama fox will need an apron to wear while baking little gingerbread men for her children to eat.

So instead of finishing a cardigan that just needs a sleeve and half of a front I started a fox den. Even this wasn’t going fast enough so I cast on a faster knit last night. It is a aerie I got it knitted up in one evening. And in the morning I added a roof and knit a floor.

P1010006I found the roof at the thrift store it was on an incredibly  ugly stein. It was very easy to get it off the beer glass and even better since the mug wasn’t damaged it will go in my donation bag for goodwill.

This aerie was supposed to be a home for an owlet who lives in the tree it could  be a tower bedroom  on top of the fox den. But one of the minis has already claimed it as his own.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANone of this will keep me warm but it seems that I must get it out of my system or it will haunt me.

Now I have to get a couple of chores out of the way so I can watch the Packers play the Vikings. Lets hope they play better than last week.


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