I had a letter this morning from a friend at the cabin with spectacular pictures. Look at this beautiful blue sky. Debbie and Paul live just up the road from me and live full time at the lake. This is the view behind their house. They have a rock bluff in their back yard.

but wait Debbie wasn’t just sharing a photo of bare oak trees, blue skies and  grasses….look closer what is peeping over  the rock.

She blends in so closely to the fall colored grasses and the stone that you have to look quite closely or you could miss it.

Can you see it now……a beautiful red fox sunning herself on this fall morning. Looks like she is half asleep but those big pointy ears are keeping track of everything that is going on below.

The fox was content to sit her for several hours and watch the coming and goings of Debbie and her family and their 2 dogs Buck and Hunter.

aren’t these pictures spectacular…………….but there is more…….lookPaul and Jeff were in the garage and suddenly the fox was up there investigating.Her nose must have picked up that the two hunter were butchering a deer shot earlier. this lucky vixen shared a meal of venison.

and I am lucky to have good friends that keep me up to date on what’s going on at the lake.