Photo shoot

I have been working away on this toy fox pattern. I have been playing around with a new computer program to write my charts and they are almost done. Yesterday was very cold but it was sunny  so I went out in the yard to take some pictures. I had lots of help….Meva needed to check out every angle. She has lots of her own stuffed toys and leaves the ones I knit alone but she did find it odd that I brought my toys outside in the yard.

She is a big ham and when every she sees me with a camera in hand to take a picture of a flower or anything else she always gets front and center so she can be in the picture too.


Here she is striking her ‘look at me I am so much prettier than those stupid toys that you have been knitting for a month–take my picture’ pose.



Of course part of the problem might be those antlers that I found..she is fascinated with them and even though she won’t take them off the coffee table or the shelf where I keep them she has wondered about them. Now that I put them in the yard to take a photo of she is hoping she will get the chance to have a much closer look and maybe be able to gnaw on them. Eventually she gave up and wandered off to watch the coots swim close to where she was sitting on the pier. All the while muttering to herself  ‘stupid fox-I am much prettier-Mom should knit a wolf toy that looks like me!’